Is Your Car Making You Sick?

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Cheri Speak

Many dealerships take extra time explaining things when you take your car in for repairs, and sometimes we wonder if they are just trying to up-sale us into an additional service or part, but in the case of good guys like  those at Ken Garff Used Cars in Utah, their suggestions are always in your best interest, not theirs. A good service tech knows there is more to properly functioning “safety features” than good brake systems and functioning airbags.

Does My Car Have One?

Most late-model vehicles have something called a “cabin air filter” that many car owners are unaware of. Sadly this filter can make you sick if you don’t change it periodically as it is the filter that filters the air you breath inside of your car. Whether you are recycling inside-air or flowing it from the outside in, it still goes through this filter.



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