Hot Dogs & Hot Rods

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Among the sights and sounds of  the car show circuit, I must confess one of my favorite things is the variety of foodstuffs I can savor. Iron-Invasion It may be the hot dog vendor, sausage stand, or confectioneries galore. Food is a big part of the festivities, and nothing says Car Culture like big blocks and burgers. And an ice cream on a hot day makes the whole party that much more enjoyable.


But it goes without saying that chocolate sauce and leather upholstery just aren’t meant for each other. And litter just brings the whole atmosphere down. Common courtesy also seems to be in decline these days. With that being said, there are some basic rules of etiquette that we must adhere to. Following these simple courtesies will enhance the experience for all.

Here are just a few…

  • Try to keep the sloppy sandwiches and ice cream away from the exhibits. The $30,000 paint and interior will not be greatly enhanced by you dripping mustard all over them.
  • You’re walking about with beverage in hand and decide you need two hands to examine the fine metalwork of a master craftsman. Don’t put the drink on the fender, hood, or heck THE CAR!!! Doing so will not make you any friends.
  • This may sound basic, but carry your trash with you until you find a waste can. Nothing takes away from a fine event like seeing trash and litter all over. Clean up after yourself, mommy’s not here to do it for you!

These are just a few common sense tips to make the day enjoyable for everyone.

See you on the road!


One thought on “Hot Dogs & Hot Rods

    Cheri responded:
    November 8, 2013 at 2:31 AM

    awesome car!!!

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